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Boho wedding – the free-spirit trend of elegance

“The greatest thing you ever learn is to love and be loved in return…”

In recent years, we are increasingly turning to the searching of ourselves, our place in nature and art. This searching is infused with our most important day – the wedding day! You receive a special Boho wedding invitation – come with us to enjoy this increasingly modern style and enjoy the unique boho feeling.

What is Boho and why is it so fashionable lately?

Our Boho wedding invitation brings the unique spirit of the seekers of the natural and the beautiful! Boho is the style of the free-thinking man, fleeing from the socially ordinary and looking for himself in art, in nature and in the mythical worlds of the mysterious magical forests and tender greenery. The boho theme opposes the consumer society and turns to the elegance of nature, the soft waves, and the art in its purity. Beauty is raised on a pedestal. The bride is a beautiful long-haired forest nymph, drenched in flowers, and the eclectic style of the bohemians shines from every wedding element.

What makes a wedding a boho wedding?

Boho wedding bouquet with dusty pink roses and greenery

Bohemian weddings are filled with organic linens, flowers, greenery. Floral centerpieces, greenery installations and earthly details transform the area into an enchanted forest. Boho Wedding invitations represents nature and beautiful outdoors, overflowing with greenery and flowers. The altar is often geometric, filled with natural materials, and if the wedding is outdoors, its decoration often emphasizes the exterior. There are various elements of beauty, of art in its natural form and the search for the magical in nature. The bride often resembles a real forest nymph with braided hair and a wreath of natural flowers, and the wedding bouquet combines different flowers and greenery. Everything in a bohemian wedding seeks elegance, the alternative, the art.

Bohemian wedding and decoration

The elegant boho-style decoration includes editable wedding invitations, which are filled with eucalyptus greenery and flowers. Your perfect wedding invitation printable is easily customizable, so you can focus on the wonderful emotions that await for you on this amazing and magical day! Your Boho wedding invitation will take your guests into the world of beauty, the earthly and the pure organic. Your boho invitations will excite them and make them think about the really important things – romance, beauty and our souls, so striving for each other through the language of art.

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