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Impressive, modern, dainty – your perfect fall wedding is in copper and rusty!

Autumn is such a perfect time for a wedding! The summer heat is behind us, our guests have returned from their summer vacations, and the weather is wonderful and so romantic! Autumn colors bring a feeling of warmth, love, affection and intimacy. And while it is clear to everyone that autumn weddings are absolutely wonderful, here comes the important question about a color scheme for our wedding! Copper and Rusty Color Sheme is the right combination if you want a modern, impressive and full of romance, with a glimpse of boho chic and pure, nature beauty.

Let’s start with the wedding invitations!

Fall wedding invitations in copper and rusty are filled with autumn flowers, warm colors, soft orange and gold. The fonts are soft and round, with calligraphic elegance. Autumn wedding invitations express uniqueness and free spirit with respect for art, natural materials, comfort and a homey feeling.

Your Copper and Rusty wedding is filled with flowers and dry floral elements, wood, rattan and natural, organic linens. The colors of a copper wedding are reminiscent of warmth, closeness and down-to-earth feeling. The rusty color represents the light of yellow, the passion and warmth of red, as well as the earthy colors, representing home, love and family. Choosing the combination of these colors, your autumn wedding will warm the hearts of the guests and will be remembered for a long time with its style.

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The beautiful bride with her Copper and Rusty fall wedding looks like she has come out of the pages of a beautiful fairy tale with forest elves and ancient magic. Her hair shines in soft shades and is decorated with flowers. The bouquet is variegated in red, orange, gold and soft greenery. The bridesmaids are in  beautiful copper autumn tones, and the wedding decoration is filled with earthy and natural elements. Dahlias, marigold flowers, chrysanthemums and roses fill the space, combined with chairs and tables made of natural materials. Everything expresses the personal style and the free spirit of joy, love and romance.

Be bold and bet on the modern and elegant look of Cooper and Rusty Color Scheme for your fabulous autumn wedding! Make your most important day impressive, gentle, stylish and most of all – show your love for each other with all your warmth and romance. Be like autumn forest elves and enter your wonderful fairy tale – the family!

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