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2 Set wall art print in trendy nordic style, Oil framed pictures with china vases and apples, Modern home decoration, Mid century wall art oil pictures, Living room wall art, Bedroom wall art WLP0010

We know how tiring it is sometimes to be present in a room cluttered with objects, filled with variously ornamented furniture and rich textiles. While the minimum level of Scandinavian style brings that ease of living, which is not learned without anything we can live, but how little we need everything.


S – 40cm. x 60cm. M – 50cm. x 75cm. L – 60cm. x 90cm. XL – 73cm. x 110cm. XXL – 80cm. x 120cm. XXXL – 90cm. x 135cm. - Custom size (will be create custom order for you with your size to purchase)
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