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We know how tiring it is sometimes to be present in a room cluttered with objects, filled with variously ornamented furniture and rich textiles. While the minimum level of Scandinavian style brings that ease of living, which is not learned without anything we can live, but how little we need everything.


S – 30cm. x 40cm.
M – 40cm. x 55cm.
L – 50cm. x 65cm.
XL – 60cm. x 80cm.

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Original Amy Judd Wall Art Print – mystery, clean lines, simple shapes, earthy colors and minimalism in every respect – the aesthetics of the Amy Judd style may not seem like what you need at the moment! The time of very noisy, colorful interiors and decorations is passing, as well as of those strict – office gray and dimly lit rooms, where it is difficult for a person to truly relax and feel at home. And now it is you who needs the fuel and the rest – to be able to start like this and to strain souls and minds and eyes lately.


And how do our eyes rest – with the simplicity and purity of the lines, exactly what is the style of this Original Amy Judd Wall Art Print ! We all know the effect of the view in the woods or on a sunny meadow, our eyes absorb nature and enjoy it. Original Amy Judd Wall Art Print – combination with calm tones – the design achieves that natural harmony that relaxes us and takes us home.


Extremely popular in the last few years, contemporary London artist Amy Judd is winning more and more hearts and galleries. Mystery – this is the most accurate feeling that her paintings carry. Women with faces hidden for flowers, faces with feathers or animals with their backs to the viewer – these are the typical techniques of her art. And although we do not see an image – the pictures are charming.


“The uncertainty of the figures is very important to me, it gives the viewer a sense of intrigue and mystery and allows them to create their own image and story around the painting,” the artist said of his impersonal figures. “I like to hint at a connection or movement of the figures, but if they look you in the eye, they will tell the story.”
Hinted nudity, light and gentle nudity – the paintings suggest strength, femininity and mystery – this is exactly the feeling that her paintings carry. You sink and forget … everyone wants to have a work by Ami Judd in their home … well … we have all her creativity .. enjoy ..


1. Select size you needed (or leave your custom size as notes for seller, will be created custom order for you)
2. Select type of item: Digital
3. Finished your order – you will receive High Quality PDF ready to print


1. Select size you needed (or leave your custom size as notes for seller, will be created custom order for you)
2. Finished your order
3. You will receive ready to hang up framed pictures, you must mount on your wall.

*We use only High Quality Photo Paper – Katana 225g. (non transparency) for printing.
Printing at 300dpi Hi Res for image.



To achieve maximum print quality, we use printer – EPSON SureColor SC-P9000, 111.8 cm.

It guarantees:

– Remarkable color reproduction 11 colors – Photo Black, Matte Black, LK, LLK, C, Lc, Vivid M, Vivid Lm, Y, Orange and Green
– Extremely long life on the printouts up to 200 years for color prints up to 400 years for black and white printing
– Care for nature – environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless inks Epson UltraChrome HDX – pigment ink


– We use high quality photo papers brand Katana, for photo printing, which reproduces the image with remarkably realistic result.
– The photo paper is special paper for printing, with ink-jet coating which captures colors and makes them more contrasting. Its composition is a mixture of cotton and polyester.
– Extremely suitable for printing photos and reproductions.
– The structure of the paper gives the printed images a more realistic look, as if painted by hand.
– The natural white color softens the contrast in the bright areas of the image gives a softer and more pleasant feeling of color, which makes it preferred for printing portraits and reproductions of paintings in which enhanced contrast is not desirable.


S – 30cm. x 40cm.
M – 40cm. x 55cm.
L – 50cm. x 65cm.
XL – 60cm. x 80cm.


All: https://bit.ly/3zOwkvL

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3d wall art with golden deer: https://bit.ly/3qqobcE
Gold swans wall art: https://bit.ly/3jlgOC2
Green marble: https://bit.ly/3AukI1l


– Production takes approx. 2 days from the time of approval.
– Shipped via Fed EX Priority mail.
– Shipping is 5-7 business days, depending on location.
– We ship internationally!


1. PRINT WITH US – order your pack for print with us and you will receive enviable printed wall art, high quality print and fine high quality paper – can satisfy even the most demanding clients. (*We use only High Quality Self Adhesive PVC wallpaper foil (non transparency) for printing.)
2. LARGE DEPARTMENT STORE such as Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax or Walgreens can print your backdrop directly to vinyl.
3. LOCAL PRINT SHOP may be able to print and mount your backdrop all for you.
4. ONLINE PRINT SERVICE such as www.posterprintfactory.com can print, mount and deliver your backdrop.


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